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From an original watercolor by Susan Wickersham

The watercolor representing the alphabet and numbers 1-10 has incorporated many memories from the artist's own childhood and that of her daughter. Together they bring a certain sparkle to a simple theme. The bright colors are sure to delight a child of any age.

Some inspirations for the illustrations are:
  • C is for car and also for Citroen, her first one
  • D is for ducks at Stowe Lake in Golden Gate park
  • G is for guitar, the ones they make
  • M&S are for Moon and Sun, one of her daughter's favorite books "East of the Sun and West of the Moon"
  • R is for the rainbow patch on her daughter's Terrific Kid T-shirts
  • X is for xlophone, her first musical instrument

Susan is a founder and main artistic force of Alembic. She has drawn and painted since childhood. When not designing new models or customs with intricate inlay patterns, she is expressing herself in a variety of media and themes.

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