Click to enlargeAlembic "Snow" Ornament

I've been thinking about doing something like this since I was knee-high. Back then, when I would walk around Alembic, I saw things from a different elevation, mainly I looked at the floor alot more! Sometimes I would make up little stories, and one was about when it snowed in our shop. The snow was magic, and it didn't fall from the sky, but it was there. We all made snowmen. Then the snowmen came to life and made a band and played our guitars. (Please remember I was 5 years old when I made that up!)

Anywhoo, as the weirdo person I am, I started collecting the "snow" when it was especially interesting. These wood shavings are from the jointers, shapers, routers, and handplanes we use. I sort of have a lot of it. And now it's in glass balls to decorate at Christmastime. We'll pick which "snow" you get... they are all pretty. Ribbon color may vary.

$10 for the small ones, $12 for the large. No matter what the shopping cart says, the price for first class within the USA is $2.24 and your card will not be charged the higher price shown in the cart. Sorry for the confusion!

(International postage averages $9.45 for this item)


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