Click to enlargeJZ BT Activator Pickups

2 JZ Alembic pickups
controls: volume, pan, bass, treble
mounting hardware for controls included

Simple operation with separate bass and treble controls allows access to a wide range of useful tones. All with Alembic's legendary clean and clear presentation - no voicing to interefere with your own. And talk about easy to install, everything plugs together with friction-locked connectors so no need for soldering! Contact surfaces are gold-plated for long, reliable life. JZ pickups are direct retrofit for Jazz neck and bridge pickups with no routing.

Installing Alembic BT Activators adds to your tonal expression by giving you control of the lows as well as the highs. Our asymmetric circuit gives you a modest 6dB boost to develp tone without overloading your amp or speakers, while leaving the capability for up to 20dB of cut.

Activator JZ BT$1,050.00