Click to enlargeLady of Avalon Detail

Detail from an original acrylic on canvas by Bob Thomas

One of a series Bob painted based on Arthurian legends. Completed in 1970, it portrays the Lady of Avalon. The Isle of Avalon called Ynys Avallach by the Welsh and in Latin Insula Avallonia or "Isle of Apples" indicating that the island was paradisical or magical. It is separated from the land of mortals by a magical mist. The Lady is the embodiment of the Goddess and rules Avalon. During Arthur's reign Viviane was the Lady of Avalon and sister to Arthur's mother Igraine. Both Viviane and Igraine were daughters of Merlin. In the painting Vivaine emerges from the mists in a magical ring, possibly to meet Merlin in their pursuit to assist Arthur in his quest to unite the tribes into the nation of Britain.

Bob Thomas was an artist of exceptional talent and vision. In 1969 he created the highly recognized Grateful Dead Logo "Steal Your Face." Around the same time he also designed the Alembic company logo that features a dragon and an alembic vessel as its main components.

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