Click to enlargeMerlin & Morgaine Detail

Detail from an original acrylic on canvas by Bob Thomas

One of a series Bob Painted based on Arthurian Legends. Completed in 1970, it depicts Merlin speaking with Margaine or Morgan La Fay as she is also known. She had made a bargain with Merlin to teach her his magic using the spell of making. Morgaine unbenownst to Merlin has a secret plan to bring about Arthur's downfall. Merlin begins to suspect something is amiss and in this painting is warning her in regards to the misuse of powerful magic. This was borne out from his own experience of using the dragon's magic to help Uther Pendragon gain Igraine, Morgaine's mother. That act put a chain of events into motion that along with Morgaine's use of the Dragon's Breath Magic led to Arthur's downfall and the destruction of Camelot.

Bob Thomas was an artist of exceptional talent and vision. In 1969 he created the highly recognized Grateful Dead Logo "Steal Your Face." Around the same time he also designed the Alembic company logo that features a dragon and an alembic vessel as its main components.

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