Click to enlargeMerlin's Vision

From an original arcylic on canvas by Bob Thomas

One of a series Bob painted based on Arthurian legends. Completed in 1965, it represents the legend of the Red and White Dragons that fought in a subterranean lake. A tower for Camelot was to built on the site above the lake, but problems involving tumultuous ground shakings made the construction impossible. Merlin was summoned and determined that vibrations from this magical struggle was the cause of their difficulties. Therefore the tower could not be built.

When looking at the swirls of color used in the painting echoing the sinuous shapes of the Dragons, one can almost feel the vibrations.

Bob Thomas was an artist of exceptional talent and vision. In 1969 he created the highly recognized Grateful Dead Logo "Steal Your Face." Around the same time he also designed the Alembic company logo that features a dragon and an alembic vessel as its main components.

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