Click to enlargeBridge Rehab Kit

All the little parts you need to fix up that old bridge on your trusty Alembic bass or guitar. Earlier versions of the bridge used black screws that could oxidize over time. Now we use stainless steel for the intonation screws and height adjustment screws.

Not only do they look shiny and pretty, they won't rust. We include the hex key for each adjustment.

Also included are the special aircraft fasteners for anchoring the screws (these are the expensive parts in the bridge). You will need your own 5/32" wrench to take the bridge apart and reassemble. While you've got it all taken apart, it's a great opportunity to clean the brass parts with some Flitz metal polish.

The intonation screws will fit most Alembic bridges made after 1985. Confirm that the spacing barrel (the brass part the height adjustment screw is located in) is 3/4" (19mm). If you have the older version with shorter barrel, please make a note in the comments area and we will cut the screws shorter to accommodate.