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The Darling guitar is a favorite of Guitar Resurrection. Why you ask? Well, besides the fact that the guitar is absolutely darling, it's also a dream to play, and it sounds darned good to boot!

This is the first Darling guitar we made with a Burl Myrtle top. In fact, until someone orders another one, it's the ONLY one with a Myrtle top.

The body shape has the Alembic heritage loud and clear. Who could deny that Heart Omega carving at the bottom? We've added tummy and elbow contours for added comfort, plus it exposes the accent laminates real nice like. Second to none fretwork boosts the playability to another level combined with our fast as lightning satin neck feel that you have to try to believe.

Wait until you plug it in. That's when the major attention starts. This guitar produces a wide range of sounds, from warm to bright, but all are rooted in the clarity that is the essence of Alembic tone. You may not have heard such a clear electric guitar, unless you have another Alembic in your collection. With a separate filter frequency control for each pickup, precise adjustments to your sound are easily dialed in.

  • Burl Myrtle top, Mahogany body
  • High gloss polyester finish, satin neck feel
  • 25.50" scale 5-piece Maple, Purpleheart and Vermilion neck
  • Ebony fingerboard with abalone inlays
  • Side LEDs
  • Solid brass hardware
  • Continuous wood backplates
  • Pickups: Alembic HGR
  • Controls: master volume, filter x2, off/on/bright for each pickup, LED on/off, mono output
  • Sold by:
    Guitar Resurrection
    813 Morrow Street
    Austin,TX 78757
    (512) 478-0095

Darling 14165

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