Click to enlargeEssence Zebrawood

This is starting to be a regular thing here - a super lightweight Alembic bass. When you combine the smallest body shape we make, the Essence, with lighter weight woods, you can take an Essence that's usually about 8.5 pounds and shave it down to just under 7. That's light for one of our basses!

We make the neck with primary neck laminates of Mahogany. This cuts down on the weight, but also imparts a warmer, rounder tone. With the Walnut neck laminates, that warmth is punctuated with excellent attack.

Controls include volume, pan, and our classic low-pass filter with preset Q, plus an on/off switch to operate the side LEDs in amber with red at the 12th and 24th positions.

Offered by: Bass Central Fern Park, FL