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Not your basic Essence here. We've added Macassar Ebony as the top laminate. This upgrade wood is very dense, and keeps a very tight sound. It's also nearly black, with some dark brown streaks running through it. Macassar Ebony looks great with our new blue side LEDs (they're on in the picture, reflecting off the inside edge of the upper horn).

As beautiful as Macassar Ebony is, what's really important is that it sounds awesome. Adding to the natural tone of the wood is the circuit from our Europa bass. These easy controls give you volume and pan with a low-pass filter and Q switch. There's 2 other tone control switches, one for bass and one for treble. These "quick tone change" switches allow for cut, boost and flat settings. Punch them both down when it's time for your solo, then quickly return to your original setting. We said it was easy!

  • Macassar Ebony top, Maple pinstripe, Purpleheart accent laminate, Mahogany body
  • 7-piece Maple and Purpleheart neck
  • High gloss polyester finish, satin neck feel
  • 34" long scale, Ebony fingerboard, side LEDs in blue
  • Pickups: Alembic MXY
  • Controls: volume, pan, filter, 2-position Q switch, bass cut/boost/flat, treble cut/boost/flat, on/off for LEDs, mono output
  • Weight: just shy of 11 pounds
  • Price includes hardshell case

Sold by:
Guitar Resurrection
813 Morrow St.
Austin, Tx 78757
(512) 478 0095 phone

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