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Come for the wood, stay for the tone. Creamy Buckeye Burl top with a wide swath of blue-gray fixes your audience's gaze. How can they take their eyes off such a maelstrom of Nature's palette?

Lucky for you, your gaze will be on the side LEDs in matching blue, each one bound in pure sterling silver. Not a luxury when you're performing on dimly lit, or ever-changing lighting on stage. How did you ever get along without them?

Nice deep B-string response firmly grounds this bass in the realm of Alembic tone. Oodles of sustain and excellent response, this is a bass that lets the player's own ability shine.

  • Buckeye Burl top, Purpleheart accent laminate, Maple pinstripe, Mahogany body
  • 7-piece Maple and Purpleheart neck
  • Clear gloss finish with satin neck feel
  • 34" long scale, Ebony fingerboard, mother of pearl oval inlays
  • Blue side LEDs
  • Pickups: Alembic MXY
  • Controls: volume, pan, low-passfilter, 2-position Q switch, LED on/off switch, mono output
  • Weight: about 10.5 pounds
  • Price includes hardshell case

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