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Can you hear the "oohs" and "aahs" from where you're sitting? That's what this bass received from shop visitors the whole time it was under construction. At first it was only about the striking blue and cream colored Buckeye Burl top on the new Balance K body shape, but then it was about the earth-shaking tone.

Neck through construction translates into unbelieveable sustain, with a nice built-in EQ "smile" tone. Add a touch of brilliance from the Purpleheart neck laminates and tone fiddling from dual filter and Q switch tone controls, and you've got yourself a satisfying tone machine - well, only if you touch the order button, that is.

  • Blue/Cream Buckeye Burl top, Purpleheart accent laminate, Maple pinstripe, Mahogany body
  • 7-piece Maple and Purpleheart neck
  • Balance K body shape with tummy and elbow contours
  • Omega cutout
  • High gloss polyester finish, satin neck feel
  • 34" long scale, Ebony fingerboard, Abalone oval inlays
  • Side LEDs in red
  • Pickups: Alembic AXY56
  • Controls: volume, pan, low-pass filter x2, 2-position Q-switch x2, on/off for LEDs, mono output
  • Weight: about 11.5 pounds
  • Price includes hardshell case

Sold by:
Planet Bass
Maple Grove, MN
(763) 670 - 6464

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