Click to enlargeQ-switch for Activators

For Essence basses or any Alembic Activator system with a low-pass filter.

This prewired switch replaces a single box capacitor on the AE-1 preamp board. Once installed, it allows you to have the familiar 8 dB boost the filter always offered PLUS the option to dampen that boost to near zero for the flat filter response. In a nutshell, if you want to have access to tones with less attack than you have now, you need this simple modification.

After adding the switch to the board, you'll need to drill a hole in the bass, and possibly recess it. It's best if you are able to shield the newly recessed area.

Mounting hardware and instructions are included.

Also available as a 3-position switch with settings of approximately 0/6/9 dB. Select option for number of positions and bass or guitar below. Switch may be red or green body.

Q-switch, prewired$45.00
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