Click to enlargeSignature Deluxe Buckeye Burl

This Signature Deluxe bass offers many custom features on a bass that's in stock right now and can be picked up or shipped today from Bass Central in Florida.

Let's start with the top and back wood: Buckeye Burl. This wood is a native to California, and each piece is so very unique. We just love how the color blends from top to bottom for an ombre-effect. The natural color is the lighter straw hue at the top, which yields to a greyish-blue color near the heart omega. The darker color is cause by a fungal stain - but the wood is dried out and the color will not continue to advance. Tummy and elbow contours are carved for added comfort.

With a beveled carve on the front and back of the peghead, continuous wood backplates, and blue side LEDs with red at the 12th and 24th frets, what are you waiting for?

Offered by:
Bass Central, Fern Park, Florida