Click to enlargeStanley Clarke Deluxe

If you've never played a short scale Alembic bass you're in for a real treat, and it just might change your life. The ease of playability is just the start. The neck is our narrow taper (though not quite as narrow as Stanley's personal basses), and our shallow-C neck carving makes this bass much less fatiguing to play. The joy you get from the playability will only be matched by the mighty tone this bass packs.

With a Coco Bolo top and back, there is no shortage of low end response. Signature electronics allow individual adjustment of the tone settings for each pickup, with a wise array of available and useful sounds.

This bass is equipped with side LEDs in red with amber at the 12th and 24th frets, abalone inlays, and a beveled front and back on the peghead.

Offered by Guitar Resurrection, Austin, TX